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Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, Momento Mori 2 was released to the world. Quasi has once again come through with his contribution, "No One (ever comes from here)". These snapshots are from MM2 and really shows off the fantastic textures that he had at his disposal. The game play is as good as it gets.

If you don't have Momento Mori 2, then you better get your butt over to the Momento Mori 2 page at DoomWorld.


Title : No One (ever comes from here)
Filename : MRDM218.wad
Author : Michael Rapp
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : This is my twelth Pwad (third for Doom 2)
Description : Doom 2 _only_, built on rev 1.9 This wad was originally released as level    17 of Momento Mori 2

* Additional Credits to *

creater of DoomCad
creater of BSP
Kelly (play tester)
Barry (play tester)

* Play Information *

Level # : 18
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes (tested 2 player)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes (untested) Starting positions are there but intended for Co-op play or Single play
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : New level
Build Time : ?
Editor(s) used : DoomCad 6.1, BSP 1.2x
Known Bugs : None

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

* Where to get this WAD *

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