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Files for download in the World of Q

Wolfenstein 3D

tritl.gif MRWOLF01 You got to start somewhere. Quasi's first attempt

tritl.gif MRWOLF02

tritl.gif MRWOLF03

tritl.gif MRWOLF04

tritl.gif MRWOLF05 Ten levels of INTENSE action

tritl.gif MRWOLF06

tritl.gif MRWOLF07

tritl.gif MRWOLF08 Q's final mission pack for Wolfenstein

tritl.gif WOLF14s The shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D


tritl.gif MRDM2201

tritl.gif MRDM2301 Rated #1. Check out the review by TiC

tritl.gif MRDM2401

tritl.gif MRDM2601

tritl.gif MRDM3501

Doom 2

tritl.gif MRDM216 The last level by Q before retiring

tritl.gif MRDM217

tritl.gif MRDM218 One of Quasi's personal favorites for Doom 2

tritl.gif MRDM219

tritl.gif REQUIEM One of the great Mega-Wads for Doom 2


tritl.gif REQUIEM DM BUG FIX The patch for Requiem


tritl.gif DM7 The 7th Death Match level for Quake

tritl.gif Missile Fix Makes for faster frame rate in Quake World

tritl.gif NexHair A really cool set of neon crosshairs.

tritl.gif Q101-106 The patch to upgrade Quake version 1.01 to 1.06

tritl.gif Wheel Allows you to use a "wheel mouse" to cycle through the weapons

tritl.gif Wq100 WinQuake version 1.0


TiC's Wad Reviews, series 1

tritl.gif TiC's Wad Reviews, series 2

tritl.gif TiC's Wad Reviews, series 3